Review: WWE Network’s 100 Best Matches To See Before You Die: #85 Sasha Banks (c) vs. Bayley (NXT Women’s Championship Match, NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn)

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According to the WWE Network’s 100 Best Matches…List, this is the best women’s wrestling match on the WWE Network. There are only two women’s matches on the list, by the way. In an ideal world, there’d be far more women’s matches on the list. But wrestling has been dominated by men for a long time, and it’s only in the past couple of years (in the Western wrestling world) that women have risen in wrestling stature. Sure, you can point to Trish Stratus, Lita, etc, but they existed in an era where a women’s assets meant her breasts. Now, women regularly main event Raw and Smackdown (if not PPVs). And, in my humble opinion, Sasha Banks vs Bayley is the peak of modern women’s wrestling. Yes, they may have moved onto the big leagues, but nothing gets better than this match. Continue reading

Review and Results: WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn (22.8.15)

nxt brooklyn(SPOILERS AHEAD)

Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger vs Tyler Breezenxt liger

Liger finally arrives in the WWE! Granted, he’s over fifty and can’t do half of what he’s famous for, but it was a great moment just to see him in a WWE ring. The match itself was a decent way to start off the PPV, but Liger had to play to the crowd rather than dazzle them with high-flying moves. His mocking of Breeze was funny, but it was telling that Liger had to use the bottom rope to get into Breeze’s lying pose in the corner. He simply couldn’t lift himself up like Breeze can. Breeze was the centre of innovation in this match, with his modified knee backbreaker and modified crucifix being notable in their novelty. Liger’s move of the match was the cannonball off the apron, but there was little to really appreciate from Liger. He is fifty, after all! His victory puzzled me. Surely Breeze needed the victory a lot more than Liger? Continue reading

Review and Results: WWE NXT Episode 292 (19.8.2015)


OPENING SEGMENT: William Regal comes down to the ring for yet another contract signing! We’ve had no less than three contract signing on WWE programming in the run-up to NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and Summerslam. Surely there are other ways to progress a feud? It’s a lazy way to confirm a match that isn’t necessary. Why don’t all title matches have a contract signing? Are the majority of contract signings done behind the scenes? We all know how they are going to end as well: in a brawl! Continue reading