Reaction: ‘Suicide Squad’ 1st Official Trailer


“They’re bad guys”

So we finally have the first official trailer for ‘Suicide Squad!’ Well, of course, we had the trailer from the SDCC, but we only received that due to a leak. They’ve made us wait for the first official trailer, but it was sure worth the wait. So, without further ado, here it is: Continue reading

Reaction: ‘Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ Final Trailer

star wars the force awakens“Who are you?”

For a few seconds after the latest and last Star Wars trailer, I had forgotten my identity! The first two trailers merely piqued my interest; the last trailer left me battered and bruised on the floor, wanting so much more! In many ways, it’s a perfect trailer. It’s doesn’t give away too much, either about plot or character. We see a few explosions and a few action shots, but nothing that will spoil the action scenes that the movie has to offer. There’s just enough nostalgia threaded throughout the trailer, but not too much. Most importantly, I’m more excited than ever about Star Wars Episode VII, thanks to this latest trailer! Here it is… Continue reading

Reaction: ‘The Hateful Eight’ Teaser Trailer

the hateful eight

“Got room for one more?

So, the trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film is here: The off/on/off/on ‘The Hateful Eight!’ Or the H8ful 8…or the H***ful Eight…I always finds it hard to believe how few films Tarantino has done, considering the size of his reputation. Eight films in just over twenty years. For example, Christopher Nolan, whose debut film came to us in 1998, has done nine films. It’s a testament to the strength of Tarantino’s films that (most) of his films are ingrained in our pop culture, and each successive Tarantino film has been released to greater and greater fanfare. So take a look at the trailer for The Hateful Eight: Continue reading

Reaction: Deadpool (2016) First Trailer

I just hope he didn't murder that bear...or he will be eviscerated on social media!
I just hope he didn’t murder that bear…or he will be eviscerated on social media!

“What if I told you we can make you better?”

So, the first trailer for Deadpool has arrived…and I am heartily impressed! The teaser for the teaser trailer had me excited and in stitches, especially after the reference to Deadpool’s first movie appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (“from the studio that inexplicably sewed his f**king mouth shut the first time!”). When a studio is willing to admit it made a mistake in a film, you’ve got to give them credit. It restored some good will. After the actual teaser trailer, I think all of my good will has been restored! Here’s the trailer:

Continue reading

Reaction: SPECTRE Trailer


“You had no authority…none”

After watching the new SPECTRE trailer, I’m seriously thinking about buying an Aston Martin DB10…but apparently, it’s not on the market! Apart from the totally unsubtle (and ultimately pointless, as the car won’t be on sale) advertising for Aston Martin, there was quite a lot to chew on in the trailer for the latest James Bond movie. And things look like they are coming along pretty smoothly! Continue reading

Reaction: Fantastic Four (2015) Trailer #3

fantastic four“Reed, you’re insane”

The reboot of Fantastic Four is less than a month away, and we have a new trailer to whet our appetites. After the double whammy of the Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad trailers, Marvel look like they’re being left behind a little. Will the film wash away our memories of the terrible twosome of the original Fantastic Four films, or will it do an Amazing Spider-Man on us and further diminish the filmic value of the quintessential Marvel characters? Well, here’s the trailer: Continue reading

Reaction: Suicide Squad SDCC Trailer


“The worst of the worst”

Due to a leak, the trailer for the Suicide Squad from the San Diego Comic Con has been officially released. Come on, it’s the Age of Leaks: if it can be leaked, it will be leaked. The same thing happened to the Batman v Superman teaser trailer, if I remember correctly. Suicide Squad is something I’m only familiar with due to Smallville and Pam Grier, so I had a little bit of interest in the concept and the film. The trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the plot, for obvious reasons, but looks like it will offer something different from the barrage of comic book films we will be hit with over the coming years. And for that reason I’m looking forward to it! Here’s the trailer: Continue reading

Reaction: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice First Full Trailer!

Whoever wins...we lose? Or win?

“Today is a day for truth”

The first full trailer for Batman v Superman arrived at Comic Con yesterday. Colour me suitably intrigued! The teaser trailer caused me to ask more questions about the point of Batman v Superman rather than anything else. The Comic Con trailer has whetted my appetite, however…Here’s the trailer:

It begins with Superman being called to court/the Senate to answer for his actions, presumably from the end of Man of Steel. I was one of the many people who critiqued Man of Steel for the mindless destruction of Metropolis by a hero who’s meant to save people. Now, it seems, I and many others may be eating our words. Whether it was planned from the beginning or not, Superman’s destruction of Metropolis has two large consequences. One, Superman has to answer to humanity for the destruction. And two, Bruce Wayne was present at the destruction… Continue reading