Review: They Live (1988) (Obey…Consume…Watch This Film!)

they live

“There’s nothing available for you right now”

To (belatedly) honour the passing of the great wrestling talent Rowdy Roddy Piper, I rewatched his main and best starring role: They Live. Is there a better example of 80s cult/sci-fi/B-Movie than this film by John Carpenter? Yes, it may be rough around the edges. The script may not be up to scratch. To be honest, it’s a little bit trashy at times. But as a satire on capitalism and a throwback to the B-Movies of the 1950s, it’s almost unparalleled in its time. Carpenter meant for it to be a critique of Reaganomics, and as we are still living in the society that Reagan/Thatcher created, the satire and the themes are still relevant today.
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