Review: Quantum of Solace (2008) (Daniel Craig’s Worst Bond Film?)

“You’ve been gone for such a short time and you’re already forgotten”

Is Quantum of Solace the worst Daniel Craig era Bond film? Ten years after it’s release, its still maligned as the worst Craig era outing . It’s not helped that QoS was sandwiched between the brilliant Casino Royale and the intermittently brilliant (but overrated) Skyfall. A rushed production, a writer’s strike (which forced Danile Craig to amend the script as the film was shooting!), and high expectations after Casino Royale made QoS almost doomed to failure. But how much of a failure is Craig’s second Bond film? I’d say it’s a big failure… Continue reading

Review: SPECTRE (2015) (The Ghost of James Bond’s Past?)

spectre 1

“Where are we going?”

Whenever a heavily promoted film receives four or five stars in most of the national newspapers, I am always suspicious. When that film is a James Bond film, my suspicions are aroused even further. After being hammered by Bond adverts (both in the form of trailers and adverts for watches, beers and cars), when I reached SPECTRE at the cinema I was already at the point of exhaustion from seeing Daniel Craig. Maybe that dampened my cinema experience; maybe the over-enthusiastic media dampened my cinema experience; but maybe SPECTRE wasn’t worthy of all the praise it has received. What I experienced was an incredible opening that segued into an over-long, dull film that had moments of brilliance that were few and far between…
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Reaction: SPECTRE Trailer


“You had no authority…none”

After watching the new SPECTRE trailer, I’m seriously thinking about buying an Aston Martin DB10…but apparently, it’s not on the market! Apart from the totally unsubtle (and ultimately pointless, as the car won’t be on sale) advertising for Aston Martin, there was quite a lot to chew on in the trailer for the latest James Bond movie. And things look like they are coming along pretty smoothly! Continue reading