Quick Review : Super Metroid (SNES)

There’s not much I can say about Super Metroid, apart from that it’s a goddamn masterpiece. Few games evoke such an atmosphere of isolation, few games offer such a diverse range of areas whilst forming a cohesive whole. Still, to this day, game developers are trying to ape the perfection of Super Metroid’s game design (from Hollow Knight to Guacamelee, the indies seem to thrive on Metroidvanias…to varying degrees of success). Continue reading


I think it’s about time I brought back Top 10 Tuesdays! Yes, I’ve been furloughed, and yes, this lockdown has returned me to writing (or vice versa?). So I think it’s about time to draw up some more Top 10 lists!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Metroid Prime 4. I’d completely forgotten about it until coming across an article that stated the whole project had been restarted. Nintendo weren’t too happy with the project, and now development has been shifted to Retro Studies, the makers of the original Prime trilogy. Why not give the project to Retro Studios in the first place? This, coupled with the current Covid-19 pandemic, probably means that we won’t see Metroid Prime 4 for a long time…if at all. Continue reading