Review: The Karate Kid Part 2 (1986) (A Worthy Sequel?)

karate kid 2


“Mercy is for the weak”

‘The Karate Kid Part II’ used to be my favourite of the trilogy (I dismiss the existence of the fourth one!) when I was a lot younger. Yes, it essentially told the same story as the first, but there seemed a lot more emotional weight to the film. There were two love stories and a sub-plot involving Miyagi’s dying father. The last fight was Daniel fighting to protect his new girlfriend! Is there anything more heroic than fighting for your love? Sato, Miyagi’s ex-best friend and love rival, seemed to be a greater menace than any ‘villain’ in the original. He not only threatens Miyagi’s life, but threatens the existence of the entire village that Miyagi was born in. Is the film any different viewing it with older eyes? I watched it to celebrate its 30th anniversary…
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