Last week, 2001: A Space Odyssey was released in cinemas to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Some regard it as the best science fiction film of all time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it on the big screen, thanks to the stupid cinemas in my area stupidly not showing it. Hopefully I’ll be alive when the film is rereleased for its 75th anniversary! My fiancee asked: “why don’t you just watch it on DVD?” Sigh, she’ll never understand…but back to my original point. What are the best science fiction films of all time? I love science fiction (an ex-girlfriend once referred to me as a sci-fi geek!). There are so many that I literally couldn’t limit my list to 10 choices…but I’ve tried my best. As usual, I’m only going to limit myself to one film per franchise/director. It makes the choices (a little) easier! Continue reading


For this Top 10 List, I’d thought I’d do something a little special…as this is my 400th post! Yes, I droned on and on for 399 blogs…and will drone on for one more. And how better to celebrate than to produce a list of my T0p 10 Films of All Time? I previously constructed a list of my Top 10 Films I’ve Watched More Than Five Times (click here to read!), but this List will be different. Some of these films may be ones I’ve only watched a few times, but they’ve stayed with me since that initial viewing. Or maybe it is one of those films I’ve watched time and time again.

Another milestone!

A few qualifications/rules I’ve made for myself. Only one film from a director/franchise. Well, okay, that’s the only rule…oh, and I’ll try to limit the science fiction element.

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Review: The Terminator (1984) (I’ll Always Be Back To Rewatch This Film!)


“Nice night for a walk”

There are films that, if you are part of my generation, define your childhood, such as Jurassic Park. There are also films that may define your childhood in spite of their Rated-R nature, such as Total Recall. The first two Terminator films were as much a part of my childhood as the Power Rangers or Hero Turtle toys. That being said, how can I possibly review The Terminator (a film that I must watch at least once a year) without being twisted by my childhood memories. My answer was to watch it with my fiancé, who has never watched it before. Seeing a thirty year old film through someone else’s eyes (not literally, of course!) was not the answer, however. The Terminator will always be one of my most-loved films of all time, regardless of the criticisms she threw at it! Continue reading