The Top 10 2016 Films That I Missed In UK Cinemas

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Last year I wrote about the Top 10 2016 Films I Missed in 2016. I probably didn’t call it something as complicated as that, but you get the picture. Either due to the local Odeon only showing films guaranteed to bring money in, or my own incompetence, there were a fair few films I missed in UK cinemas this year as well. In no particular order, here they are! Continue reading

My Top Ten Films of 2016 (Released In The UK!)

top 10It’s that time of the year where film bloggers blog about their Top 10 Films of the Year. I’m a film blogger (a lazy one at that!), so I like to jump on the bandwagon! So here are my Top 10 Films of the Year (released in the UK, remember!) Continue reading