Review: Gotham, Season 1, Episode 20, ‘Under The Knife’ (Hard To Dissect…)


“Didn’t you know, I’m a member of society”

If you had Attention Deficit Disorder, then ‘Under The Knife’ was the perfect episode of ‘Gotham’ to watch. It flitted through scenes like there was no tomorrow. Not to say it wasn’t entertaining; on the contrary, plot developments came thick and fast. Nigma’s obsession with Kris Kringle finally came to something. Bruce Wayne was reeling after Selina Kyle’s murderous actions last week. However, there was hardly a moment to focus on the ‘present.’ The episode sped on, dipping from story to story without room to breathe. If ‘Gotham’ hadn’t lost its focus for much of the series, then the multiple strands wouldn’t have to been ploughed through so quickly.

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