5. Pat McAfee vs Vince McMahon (WrestleMania 38 Sunday)

In 2022, is there any need for 76 year old Mr. McMahon to have a match? Well, Sunday night gave us the answer: yes, apparently! After the very entertaining McAfee vs Austin Theory match (which McAfee won), McAfee and McMahon pointed at each other. This lead to a match happening between the two! Just…why? No one wanted it, no one asked for it. McAfee had his WrestleMania moment; did McMahon also need a WrestleMania moment? What we didn’t need was the worst match of WrestleMania 38…

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Review: WWE Network’s Best 100 Matches: #83 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Dude Love (WWE Title, Falls Count Anywhere, WWE Over the Edge 1998)

WWF was at its second peak in 1998, and it was mainly down to the feud between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. McMahon needed somebody to fight for him, so he chose Dude Love as his corporate puppet. Their two matches, first Unforgiven and then at Over The Edge, should both be watched in sequence. Both are great matches, but this one has the edge (pun intended). It’s an insight into the ‘Attitude Era’ and a riveting, mayhem filled brawl! Continue reading