Wonder Woman is still lighting up the global cinematic box office. Some have claimed it to be one of the greatest comic book films ever. I would disagree with that (click here for my review!), but it’s still a damned good film. However, it got me to thinking…what are my favourite comic book films of all time? That’s a tough one…But I’ve given it a whirl anyway! Of course, comic book films aren’t a genre in themselves, but cover a horde of genres.

However, we all know a comic book film when we see one. And some films surprise us when we find out they were based on a comic book/graphic novel. So here goes nothing! (By the way, a few of these films are sequels…it says a lot that the first, obligatory origin story has been played out to death nowadays. Once that’s out the way, the super-hero sequel can reach for greatness…)

I reckon Wonder Woman would take a place in many people’s Top 10 Comic Book Films…

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Review: ‘Watchmen’ by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (The Greatest Graphic Novel Of All Time?)

watchmen-cover“Hmmm…that’s quite a drop”

Thirty years on since Issue 1 of ‘Watchmen’ was first published, has there been a better graphic novel/comic book serial? Is it really the greatest graphic novel of all time? Now, I’m no graphic novel/comic book expert. Graphic novels, I’ve read  a few…the heavy hitters spring to mind, like ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ ‘V For Vendetta.’ Daredevil: ‘The Man Without Fear’ and Batman: ‘The Killing Joke’ also number my small collection. However, even without any knowledge of graphic novels, it’s easy to say that ‘Watchmen’ is a masterpiece. It’s easily the greatest graphic novel that I’ve ever read. Continue reading