Review: WWE Network’s Best 100 Matches: #84 Sting, Brian Pillman and The Steiner Brothers vs. Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Sid Vicious and Larry Zbyszko (War Games) – WCW Wrestlewar 1991

Match 83 comes courtesy of WCW and War Games. War Games was a successful match gimmick, for a time, before WCW over-egged the pudding. Before that, War Games meant manic, bloody, non-stop violence inside a double ringed steel cage. And this War Games, from WrestleWar 1991, is possibly the greatest War Games of them all. It’s an all-out bloody and vicious brawl. There’s a few rough patches, a few botches here and there, but that’s partly because of the low-roofed cage (see, for example, Vicious’ botched powerbomb on Brian Pillman). Apart from that, there’s so much going on at any time that there’s pure entertainment to be had! Continue reading