Review: Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 5: World On Fire (My Pleasure Centre Is Alight!)

daredevil netflix(SPOILERS AHEAD)

“Copper in the air”

‘In The Blood’ was the introduction to Wilson Fisk. ‘World on Fire’ shows the two worlds of Fisk and Matt Murdock colliding. It’s been made clear that they both want to make Hell’s Kitchen a better place, but both have different ideas about the definition of a ‘better place.’ Fisk let’s other people do his dirty work for him; Murdock has no choice but to dirty his own hands. ‘World On Fire’ shows their differences in the starkest of manners. Fisk attempts to get rid of Murdock by using the Russians, and in doing so also eliminating the Russians…Fisk is moving five steps ahead of everybody else in his game of chess, played over the city of Hell’s Kitchen.  Continue reading