Predictions: WrestleMania 32 (3.4.2016)

wrestlemania 32

It’s WrestleMania 32 time! If you thought the build and the card was underwhelming for ‘Mania 31, just look at this card! The WWE has had an injury epidemic, so big players like Seth Rollins, John Cena and Randy Orton are out of the show. However, that does not excuse much of the frankly awful build for the biggest event of the year. After much speculation about who would face ‘Taker, WWE pulled a swerve and brought out Shane McMahon as his opponent. A 46 year old non-wrestler fighting ‘Taker? Okay then! That feud in particular has been riddled with inconsistencies and illogic. Roman Reigns is once again fighting for the WWE Championship, but much of the crowd still hate him. The booking has not done him any favours, either. Remember AJ Styles? He’s fighting Chris Jericho again! Instead of making the injury epidemic into a positive, the WWE has delivered a pitiful build to WrestleMania 32. Here are my predictions… Continue reading