Review and Results: WWE Money in the Bank 2016 (19.6.2016)

mitb 2016

If you call something ‘the greatest ever’ before it has even happened, then you’ve pretty much shot yourself in the foot. WWE’s brag that this would be the greatest Money In The Bank would be the greatest PPV of its name seemed an absurd brag, considering half the matches were Raw level matches. As it happened, even a few of the big bouts failed to live up to greatness…

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Review and Results: WWE Payback 2016 (1.5.2016)

payback 2016

Was WWE Payback 2016 the beginning of a new era for the WWE, as the pre-show slogan would have us believe? Or was it merely a smokescreen, a clever subterfuge to make us think it was a new era? I’m still unsure, but Payback certainly delivered in the ring…(oh, and why did most of the promo posters have The Wyatt Family in the background? They weren’t even on the show!) Continue reading

Review and Results: Night of Champions (20.9.2015)

night of championsRyback (c) vs Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Championship Match)

A decent match to start off the show. Nothing amazing, but nothing terrible either. Owens worked on Ryback’s arm for most of the match, setting up Ryback’s comebacks spots well. Ryback is getting rather good at selling, which was one of his weaknesses in the ring. He’s developed into an above average wrestler, and I feel his feud with Owens could produce better matches than this one. Not to criticise this match, but it was neither man’s best work. The cheap victory by Owens guaranteed that the feud will continue, as well. Now he’s got something to brag about! Continue reading