Quick Review : Resident Evil VII (XBox One)

Now this is how you reinvigorate a franchise! Resi 4 veered the franchise into the action genre; VII takes it back to its roots…with a twist. The first person perspective really, really drags you deep into the horror…and as a horror game should be, Resi VII is, for the most part, terrifying. In fact, this is the most scared I’ve been playing a Resi Evil since the remake of the original for the Gamecube. The atmosphere, the visuals, the environment all coalesce into pure horror.

resident evil 7 dolls
Anything but baby dolls! Please!

It’s a shame, then, that all of the effort is put into these areas and other areas are neglected. The puzzles, for example, are far too simple. It’s a staple of the series that doesn’t hit the mark here. The variety of enemies is almost non-existent. And towards the end, especially the final boss battle, spectacle and OTT action sequences subdued the horror experience. But for at least 90% of the game, this reintroduction to true Resi Evil horror works…and works damn well.

Hammy’s Rating: 4/5

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