Quick Review : Game of Death (1978)

This is an insult to the legacy of Bruce Lee. It has nothing to do with Lee’s original concept for ‘Game of Death,’ save for the butchered 11 minutes of Lee’s original footage. The plot of this garbage: martial arts actor Billy Lo (NOT played by Bruce Lee, just 2 other actors in shades!) is shot, so he fakes his death and seeks to wreak vengeance on those who conspired to kill him. It’s basically the plot of ‘The Crow’ and features a scene the prefigures how Brandon Lee died. To disguise the fact that Lee had nothing to do with this film (as he was dead), the editors splice footage from Lee’s other films into the film (and, at one point, laughably use a CUTOUT of Lee’s face on a mirror!) and actually uses footage from Lee’s REAL funeral (despicable, no?).

game of death mirror
Yes, this is a real scene from the film! 

It’s an absolute travesty of a film. Save from a silly but entertaining motorbike action sequence and the butchered 11 minutes footage of Lee’s original footage, there’s nothing to salvage this garbage. Simply watch the re-edited version of Lee’s original footage instead.

Hammy’s Rating: 1/5

MEMORABLE SCENE: Perhaps the motorbike scene…?


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