Quick Review : Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3DS)

This is a sequel I’ve been waiting almost 15 years for! Luigi’s Mansion 2 offers not just one, but five mansions to explore. Sounds good, no? The problem is that you are rarely allowed to explore them freely. In the original, you did return to E.Gadd after completing a particular area, but in this sequel each mansion is split into missions. They break down each mansion so you don’t feel as if you can explore. You are constrained. Also, Nintendo’s infamous “hand-holding” is ever-present here, as E.Gadd rings you every five minutes to tell you what to do. Give me some space, E.Gadd!

luigis mansion 2 ghosts
Get used to these. Variety is not the spice of Luigi’s Mansion 2’s life!

However, the familiar gameplay and Nintendo charm are still clear and present. The controls may have cramped my hands, but it’s still a joy to play. While ghosts no longer have personalities like they did in the original, the challenge is appreciably higher. Not only that, but bustin’ still makes me feel good!

Hammy’s Rating: 3/5

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