Last week, I posted a list of my Top 10 Films Under 90 Minutes (click here to view the list!). It got me to thinking…in the interest of fairness (and I’m all about fairness and justice), what about the other end of the spectrum? What about those bum-numbing films? Those films over three hours? I think any film over two hours is pushing its luck, but over three hours? It has to be a pretty special film to be over three hours AND keep you entertained. After some hardcore thinking, I came up with a list of Top 10 Films Over Three Hours! Here it is… Continue reading

Review: The Conversation (1974) (Let’s Talk About A Great Film!)

He’d kill us if he got the chance

Ahhhh, The Conversation, Mr. Coppola’s little gem directed between The Godfather Part I and II. For my money, it’s a more coherent and entertaining film than either Godfather movie. That’s not to say it’s a better movie (it lost Best Picture Oscar to The Godfather Part II, and who am I to argue with the Academy Awards?!?!?), but given a choice of a Francis Ford Coppola film to watch, I’d choose The Conversation any day of the week! The Conversation is an insight into paranoia, an expert dissection of the human conscious when forced to rethink its notions daily. Powered by a powerhouse performance from Gene Hackman, The Conversation is a must-see film. Continue reading