Well, it’s the end of 2017 today! I’ve seen a fair few films at the cinema this year, but not as many as I’d like. Among the ones I wish I’d seen but missed are Colossal, Valerian, Alien: Covenant (in a way…), The Big Sick, A Ghost Story, A Disaster Artist (although I haven’t yet seen The Room) and It Comes At Night. I’ve been disappointed by some of the major releases this year, such as Dunkirk, all of the MCU movies, Wonder Woman and Stephen King’s IT. However, there were just enough films that met my approval to make a Top 10 List of My Favourite Films from 2017!!! So here it is…

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Thor: Ragnarok gives us the third cinematic helping of MCU’s Thor. Click here for my review, but basically I thought it’s proclivity for comedy made it a rather empty experience. But it got me to thinking…how many great third entries in a film franchise/trilogy are there? Most trilogies fail on the third outing: see The Godfather Part III, Spider-Man 3, X-Men III, Scream 3. In many cases, the second outing was so incredible that it’s hard for a follow up to live up to expectations (see: The Dark Knight Rises). Very good/great third entries in a film franchise/trilogy are a rarity, but here are My Top 10 Best Threequels! Continue reading

Review: Thor: Ragnarok (2017) (Thor-Some?)


“I know what you’re thinking: how did this happen?”

Thor: Ragnarok is the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film to get a shedload of critical acclaim. I’ve seen it advertised on Twitter as the “best reviewed Marvel film yet.” Of course, whenever something receives high critical acclaim, my Spider-sense tingles. It’s true, Thor: Ragnarok is enjoyable. You’ll laugh yourself silly. But I felt a little nonplussed when the credits started to roll. The third Thor film has little in common with its predecessors. The tonal shift is jarring, the characters involved are used mainly for laughs, and the story seems to have been written on the fly… Continue reading